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  • EP 1 Facebook 生活式内容。
  • EP2 说明说服?
  • EP3 两分钟解释 Cambridge Analytica

About Course

  Clive, is the Founder of OMNI 360 Berhad. With 18 years’ experience in IT and digital marketing, he has witnessed the rapid changing trends of digital media. People’s lifestyle went along with the unstoppable movement of websites, mobile apps, and now, social media.  In Malaysia alone, there are about 20 to 25 million active Facebook users every month. From this figure, we know that the market on Facebook is overwhelmingly huge. Today, advertisers can obtain data that is 90% accurate straight from their target audience’s Facebook account. OMNI 360 Berhad has trained over thousands of students on Facebook marketing techniques. Their training sessions range from individual tutoring to group coaching. They have successfully helped multiple businesses in their journey towards developing their very own online marketing platform on Facebook. Their proud portfolio includes Franchises, Hotels, Property Developers, F&Bs, Agencies, and Health & Beauty Retailers.  

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Course Content

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attend the course?
Enrol in the course and log in to CikguOnAir platform and view the pre-recorded sessions at your own time and pace.
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The course will be available online on our platform until further notice by the instructor. Participants who enrolled for the course will be notified in advance should the course will be removed from the platform
What language is this course conducted in?
This course is conducted in Mandarin
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Please feel free to contact us via whatsapp at 011-21345686 or email us at hello@cikguonair.com

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